My journey started when I photographed my first wedding in high school and I fell in love with documenting celebrations. Growing up with five sisters gave me the opportunity to understand the art of photographing women, and I bring that experience to every wedding I photograph. As a wedding photographer, my main goal is to connect with my clients so that they feel comfortable to be themselves behind the lens. I love nothing more than traveling for love! Photography has taken me all over the country. Whether your wedding is in a nearby city or a remote destination, I’m so excited to meet you and learn more about your wedding plans! 

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Living my best life in the sweetest place on earth with my husband and the plants that I struggle to keep alive


I love to swing dance

I have Eight Siblings!

I met my husband at my house

When I'm not photographing weddings on the weekends, I love swing dancing with my husband and friends at the local swing dance club. We've given several AHP couples first dance lessons and this is something I'm considering adding on to our services someday! CLICK HERE to view a reel of us dancing at a friend's wedding that I was photographing 

Yes, you heard that right - eight siblings, same parents and everything. Life was crazy growing up, but boy was it entertaining. Never a dull moment with this group! I also have a twin sister who looks nothing like me. #truestory
These are my people right here and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Yes, this is true. He was at my neighbors house and one day walked across the the fields (like Mr. Darcy) to meet my family. It was a Saturday morning and I had just woken up. I was wearing Hello Kitty Pajamas (at age 17 haha) and had smeared makeup and crazy hair. When I saw him, I immediately looked at my sisters and whispered "he's hot." This is how we met :)

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"I had never met Abi prior to our session but wow I felt like I knew her for years before and that's all due to how comfortable she makes you feel!"

- Rachel

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I'd love to get to know you better and hear all about your wedding over champagne!

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