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A refreshing approach to candid wedding photography
with a swirl of direction and authenticity

Heartfelt Imagery

Heartfelt Imagery

A refreshing approach to candid wedding photography with a mix of direction and authenticity

An outgoing and fiery redhead!

WELCOME to my online home! I've often been told that I have the "personality to be a wedding photographer." I've never asked what anyone meant when they said that to me, but I like to think it means that I am ambitious, passionate, and will do anything for an epic portrait.

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Perfectly imperfect

The freedom to live in the moment and capture the day in  its rawest form. This makes your wedding archives truly one of a kind.


The  Wedding  Experience

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What sets Abi apart is not just her skills to capture people's emotions and create touching photos, but also her ability to be a leader when needed during a chaotic day and to step up to cheer people up

- Jason & Youfei



I cannot believe how fast this year is flying! It’s probably been as busy for you as it has been for me. Surprisingly, I recently shot my first wedding of 2021, and, after not shooting for so long, I could barely contain my excitement. Let me just say, Kristen and Ryan know what they’re about. […]


Ryan + Kristen // Historic Shady Lane Wedding

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